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Mystical Himalaya 'Playground of the Gods' A Buddhist monk emerges from his solitary retreat into the mellow mountain sun. (Ladakh Himalaya)

Mystical Himalaya. A Buddhist monk emerges from his solitary retreat, into the mellow mountain sun. (Zanskar Himalaya, J&K, India)

As an adventure travel company, we don’t pretend to be all things to all people. What we do however believe emphatically, is that we know a few parts of this beautiful country… and we know them well.

Our knowledge of these regions is intimate. It doesn’t come solely from travel; it comes from being born in the Himalaya. It comes from living and working in these mountains. It comes from worshiping them and being in love with them.

Mystic Himalayan Trails is based in the picturesque resort town of Manali, in the Western Indian Himalaya. Situated in the upper Kullu valley region of the Indian State of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is indeed like a paradisaical oasis in the midst of towering mountain walls. According to Mythology, this was the first place to surface after the calamitous great deluge of the Jal Pralay, and the legendary hero – Manu, the progenitor of all mankind, discovered it after his boat came to rest on one its hills when the waters subsided.

At Mystic Himalayan Trails, it is our endeavor to create and nurture an ecological and cultural awareness about this region of spellbinding beauty and mysticism. We seek to do this by familiarizing our clients with not just the topography but also with the spiritual landscape of the Himalaya.

To achieve this, we take a grassroots level approach to travel that utilizes local guides, family-run hotels, and local transportation infrastructure, so that our clients experience of the Himalaya and of its people is as pure and as unadulterated as possible.

A group of our valued repeat guests from the U.K., Canada and the U.S.A., pose for a picture with our trekking team on the 3,860 M high Chandrakhani pass. Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh.

A group of our valued repeat guests from the U.K., Canada and the U.S.A., pose for a picture with our mountain guides on the 3,860 M high Chandrakhani pass. This beautiful Himalayan pass connects the lush Kullu Valley with the Malana valley in  Himachal Pradesh.

When it comes to organizing treks, Mystic Himalayan Trails style of concentrating on just a few places and a few carefully selected programs means that trip itineraries are thoroughly researched to provide just the right blend of adventure, thrill, exploration and relaxation; as well as facilitating learning and growth from the people you would meet along our way. Our whole oeuvre is testimony to the fact that we care and so, travelers with Mystic Himalayan Trails learn to care too.

Therefore, what you can look forward to at Mystic Himalayan Trails… is the complete Himalayan experience! What we offer you is not just itineraries and package tours like other operators, but a taste of the cultural and spiritual ethos of these mountains and their natives. We will share with you the art of living in the Himalaya and the skills that are needed for survival in these mountains.

Here’s a small glimpse into one of our awesome expeditions:
(Video Credit – K Ramnath Chandrasekhar, Chennai)

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