Contact Us

You can get in touch with us at:

Mystic Himalayan Trails

Near Delhi Public School – Manali,
Village Dhungri, P.O. Manali,
Manali –175131, District Kullu,
Himachal Pradesh, India.

You can also call us on the following telephone numbers:

(Landline) :  + 91  1902  251274
(Mobile ) :  + 91 9816084461 / + 91 9958135842

Or, E-mail us at :  /

You can also check us out on our social network pages at:


“Give us a few days of your life, we’ll give you memories for a lifetime”

A weatherbeaten old  nomadic Changpa yak herder. Every  crease on his face tells a story.

A weatherbeaten old nomadic ‘Changpa’ yak herder. Every crease – every wrinkle on his face tells a story. A harsh saga of a life lived on the Roof Of The World.


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