Our approach towards Himalayan adventure is not that of an adrenaline junkie or a ‘been there, done that, seen it, have the tee shirt to prove it’ type. We look at mountain travel in a holistic manner and Mystic Himalayan Trails is dedicated to promoting not just a genuine spirit of adventure but, more importantly, fostering a long lasting ‘bond of love’ with the mountains, in our clients.

Creating a special bond with the Himalaya...

Creating a special bond with the Himalaya…

In addition, we have a very strong commitment towards the preservation of these magnificent mountains in all their pristine splendor. We believe very strongly in a sustainable, ecologically conscious tourism model as the key for the future of the Himalaya.

We strictly adhere to the global “Leave No Traces (L.N.T.)” guidelines in all our programs and insist that our clients (while they enjoy the unspoiled natural grandeur of these mountains), also contribute positively to the conservation effort in the region. All our adventure activities, be they safaris, trekking tours, mountaineering expeditions, wilderness exploration, or plain adventure camps, are designed in such a way as to leave no adverse impact of our intrusion on the delicate mountain environment.

Leave No Trace! With a group of Himalayan Natural History enthusiasts on a winter wilderness exploration expedition.

With a group of Himalayan Natural History enthusiasts, on a winter wilderness exploration expedition in the Spiti valley.

Our clients are entreated to take back nothing from the Himalaya, except beautiful memories and experiences as well as the occasional photo; and leave behind only the slightest of footprints and prayers for the well-being of this ‘Abode Of Snows’, fluttering in the mountain breezes.


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